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Overheard in the Market

An Arcane Asylum Publication Back Issues Volume 1, Issue 4

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

I remember this column and get around to writing a new issue. I'm still always interested in getting features from all of you, so don't be shy about sending me cool info or pictures...

AA Moves Into Halls of Testing

We came, we saw, we kicked dragon butt. By 'we', I of course mean 'you', as I'm still loping along just a step behind most of you. But it has been incredible to see what AA has done once we decided it was time to move into ToV. On a regular basis, you can log in to find us farming armor like it is candy. By now we've fished out nearly 200 pieces of Skyshrine armor, and some of our most notable sacrificial lambs are nearly fully decked out! At the time of this writing, Faril has a full suit of Skyshrine, Talcea has a full suit of Skyshrine, and Winnette has all but wrists. I count over 60 members with at least one piece of Skyshrine armor. Even our favorite click stick target Forestsun has a pair of Skyshrine gloves, but we can't get him too well equipped or we'll lose an easy target for jokes! As I read recently, "Rangers don't need Feign Death; We've got the real thing!"

Other stuff going on as well. Kelorek'Dar went down as soon as AA noticed him splashing around, Faydedar drops every time a druid is ready for their epic, Ragefire gets his occasional beatdown, and AA found a new mob to bully in The Va'Dyn. I even heard the random mob spawns were widely applauded by Wuoshi, who didn't want AA camping his sorry scaley butt. I think there is little doubt that were it not for random mob contention, this list would be longer. Sev, Trak, Talendor, Vindi - your days are numbered...

And apologies if the picture isn't completely accurate - still haven't been to HoT myself, and I got tired of waiting for you gimps to send me a screenshot

Quest for Plot

For the longest time, Everquest quests were... lame. Very much brute force "echo the bracketed words, get something you won't use" kind of affairs. In Velious, we started to see the advent of some rather interesting, involved, scripted quests. The Coldain Prayer Shawls and the Coldain Insignia Rings are probably the most famous examples. In issue 2, I mentioned the Qeynos investigator quests, which were another great example, and in issue 3, I had just dug up the Chardok ring quests.

Verant/Sony/whoever seems to have gotten the message. More of these turn up all the time, and Luclin seems to have its share. The Chardok ring quests have advanced; the third quest was solved, leading to a rather interesting item. Apparently ever link I've ever found to this item on the web has gone stale, but I recall it is called Spirit Wracked Cords. They can be worn on the shoulders, arms, or wrist. AC12, permanent Aura of Battle, and a bunch of stats. All in all a very nice item. There are hints of a 4th quest, but nothing solid. Luclin brings several more scripted quests, including:

  • Earrings of Veracity - Help the spies of Katta infiltrate Seru, get sick earrings. The last seems crazy for even us, but the third might just be possible, and is AC6 STR6 STA6 WIS6 INT6 See Invis.
  • Grimling Woods Scout Quests - Wars between the Vah Shir and grimlings that look like they might end up putting the Coldain wars to shame.
  • Rakshasa Skulls - A cute little quest. Any chance any of our folks could use this?

  • Ashbringer - One for the pallys. End result is a weapon that is epic calibre against vampires:

  • Cloak of Truth - This one is a trip. Follow the madcap antics of a couple of silly conspiracy theorists, then end up beating them silly and taking their stuff:

Luclin == Phat Lewt

I think everyone quickly determined that if you looked in the right places, there was a lot of cool stuff to be found in Luclin. Some of these quickly became famous. Maiden's Eye is just packed with items that people drool over, the market immediately became flooded with nasty 2hb weapons from Fungus Grove, etc. etc. I figured I'd take a minute to point out some other items I've found evidence of. Some of these may not be as great as the drops in Maidens, for instance, but they also don't seem to be as widely known, and in some cases anyway may be much more achievable.

This item was introduced after the Luclin launch, seemingly. It drops randomly off wolves (and blood starved wolves) in Dawnshroud Peaks. If it looks familiar, no wonder; it is exactly like a Cougar Claw Earring, but replaces Dexterity with Stamina. This is a trade many melees would happily make. It seems to drop pretty rarely; perhaps about as often as Cougar Claws drop from cougars. I hunted for one for a while, then got sick of the wait. Then some other guy there traded one to me for one of my Cougar Claws. I recommend that route.

Found in Fungus Grove. It seems like people get so distracted by the mushrooms that they often don't mess with the bandits. This may also be because the bandits aren't very nice. At any rate, this ring is a pretty obvious upgrade from the fairly common AC6 HP65 jewelcraft rings, and supposedly isn't even a particuarly difficult drop. As long as you can take down the bandits and don't ming going KoS with them, that is. For reasons I can't quite understand, they seem to not mind Zsa. It may be the few times I ran through there in that tight leather Treeweave. Who knows.

This little trinket drops in The Grey. The Grey was quite popular after launch when it was an AoE fest, and quickly fell out of favor, seemingly before a frenzy could break out over this item. The guy who drops it is supposedly no joke; some named guy in the Undying Iksar camp. Trying to pull him likely brings a ton of skellies down on you. But 10AC and 12STR on a ring? Fuggedaboutit.

That is not a typo. AC35 on a back slot item. Ironically, it isn't even the only AC35 back slot item for Paladins in Luclin, but the other has received more attention. This is found off a Deranged Underbulk in The Deep. He spawns fairly near the zone line to Echo Caverns, even, and is level 51 to 55. If not for lamer me, we should get one of these for Rain. Having a tank with an AC35 back slot item isn't gonna hurt a thing. And when he doesn't drop this, the Deranged drops the component-free Levitate spell. You can't beat that with a stick.

Yup, there are better. Everyone is going gaga over Grodan's Idol, and Freeport is overflowing with Goranga Idols. But here is the catch: this thing is tremendously easy to get. Friends who are far too low to join AA have gotten these solo in an hour or less. It makes a very adequate placeholder in the range slot while seeking one of the better idols. Go to Hollowshade Moor. As you exit Shar Vahl, follow the path. When you get to the first bridge, cross it, then head to the river bank. You'll see a small hill with 3 rocks. Somewhere around here you will see a wolf. Kill it. Within a minute or so, another will spawn. Kill it. Repeat. Eventually Curfang spawns, usually in a half hour or less. Kill him. He also drops a decent dagger (that looks like a cardboard sword from your elementary school play when wielded), and a decent newbie ring. But the heart just doesn't seem that rare.

See above. This also drops off a mob in Hollowshade that is trivially soloed by a person far too low to join AA. The trick is that the Grimling Chieftain is a bit stingy with this drop. I got it on my third kill, but others have spent hours there with no luck. As you enter Hollowshade from Paludal, hug the right wall. Eventually you come to a grimling camp. Near the zone wall is a raised hut. There are two guards in front of it, a shaman up on the platform, a shaman in the hut, and the Chieftain in front of the hut. Single pull all but the Chieftain. The Chieftain can't be pulled. Who cares. Climb up there and beat him like a drum. He also drops a decent 2hb, but I've never seen that drop. For the finger wigglers in the guild, this seems like a pretty darned good option.

Shh... Ikin Found a Secret...

I waste a lot of time reading about Everquest on the web. It is pretty unusual that someone tells me about something in-game that I haven't already read about. So maximum respect to Ikin who taught me something that, not only hadn't I heard about in game, until veeeery recently I hadn't seen a word about on Allakhazam, eqatlas, or any of the other major sites.

Any of you who have spent time in Katta must remember that loooong, treacherous run up and down the ramp between the upper part of town and the lower part of town. It is made that much worse knowing that if you slip up, go linkdead, fall asleep (Hey Davorious ), you will plummet to your death. I can't help you any getting from the upper part of town to the lower, but our buddy Ikin found a shortcut to get from the lower part of town up to the top!

To take the shortcut, as you zone in from Twilight Sea, you end up running along a long walkway over water before getting into the keep area near the bank. Here's the trick: jump off the walkway. Please make sure you are over water before doing so. Once you have done so, swimming around will eventually reveal a symbol on the wall underwater, kinda back under the walkway. Click on the symbol, and you'll suddenly find yourself in the upper part of town. Sorta like the clock on the second floor of Hate. It also turns out that this seems to be the only way out of the water if you fall in. But I'm sure that isn't why Ikin found it. Honest. Good work, Ikin...

As the World Changes

Heads up, folks. Observations on the test server and rumblings on various boards would indicate that some of your old world dungeons are getting makeovers, in each case converting them from underused mid-level zones to more hardcore high end playgrounds. Rumors have surrounded Droga for some time, but no evidence has appeared to that end. However, two zones look quite different on the test server at this time apparently. First, Droga's black sheep younger brother Nurga is now a 50+ zone. Nurga is so underutilized that few are upset about the change, though there are concerns that the faction may be messed up (it is already hard to raise your DiZok faction for the Chardok ring quests), or the Sleeping Ogre for the monk epic could become lost or harder to get to.

Second, on the test server, Cazic Thule is now also a 50+ zone. This seems to be met with much more mixed feelings, as some people really liked the old CT, and wizzies have the option to translocate or gate people into the middle of this new potential deathtrap. Some significant part of the old CT content, including Ravescale armor, seems to have been moved out into The Feerott, in the temple area outside CT. Rumors abound that this change may be specific to the Legends server. I'm sure time will tell.

Some Quick Reminders

At times it seems like our web site is underutilized. Gadd and I are interested in improving it, but we need help and input from all of you. If you grab a cool screen shot, send it to me! We have a cool member photo album, but it hasn't received many new photos in a looong time. Thanks to the few folks who did send in pics lately! And in general, if there is anything about the web site you don't like, let us know!












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