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Overheard in the Market

An Arcane Asylum Publication Back Issues Volume 1, Issue 3

Sorry for the delay!

Between stuff going on at home, and trying to catch Zsa up to all you ubers, had trouble finding time for the next issue. It's finally here. Don't be shy about sending me cool info or pictures as well...

You Can't Stop AA; You Can Only Hope To Contain It

It has been an interesting last month or so. You were all here, and you all saw the same bad times I did. But when the dust cleared, we had added some great new members to the guild, some people who clearly weren't a good fit were no longer with us, and the guild was stronger than ever. Not only in terms of friendship and camaraderie, but let's be clear: AA is kicking serious ass. The epics are flowing like water. Congrats to Kitaro, Casidy, Kronill, Doctah, Cvasihotep, Wenchy, Teaira, Treiz, and Margrave at a minimum, all of whom have gotten their epics since I last got off my butt and wrote one of these. That's 9 epics right there. We're also starting to see members hitting level 60. Aelvenara, Kalle, Humm, Kronill, and new members Caladen and Sano are there, and we'll probably have others by the time I get this done. We're braving new zones; AA has started fighting regularly in Dragon Necropolis, and has started making successful ventures into Temple of Veeshan. Very nice...

With all that going on, we're still looking forward. We tried Wuoshi, and the punk actually beat us. We'll only get better at ToV with time. There are still several epics we haven't toppled, notably:
  • Bard - Humm is veeeery close by now
  • Mage
  • Necro
  • Paladin
  • Shadow Knight - Pretty sure our new member Caladen came to us with this one...
  • Warrior

    So still lots of cool stuff for us to do. But I'll tell ya what... More than any of this, I've been very pleased to see how well the guild weathered the rough times we had recently. The positive feel in guild chat when you guys were finishing up ToV for the first time was a lot of fun to see, and a great reminder why most of us didn't go anywhere when things got ugly for a while.

  • Oogah, Oogah, Now Dig This

    In my neverending quest to stumble upon cool EQ stuff for use out of game, I found a pretty fun web site. I've tracked Zsa's character on Allakhazam for some time; you can see her profile here, though I heard you now only can if you are a premium subscriber (or if you are me - if this is the case, please let me know). But then I stumbled upon this site called Magelo. I don't know if it is any more useful, but boy does it look cool. Check out Zsa's profile here, for instance. This profile was free to create; I simply went to http://www.magelo.com, and followed my nose in the links on the left regarding EQ Expansion. Wasn't hard to do, and lots of fun. Good way to show off your gear...

    Help a Sarnak - Make a Friend!

    It seems like Verant, to their credit, has started putting in more of these multi-stage quests where the reward escalates with each step. Furthermore, these so far seem to usually have at least vaguely coherent plot to them. The Prayer Shawls and Coldain Ringers are the obvious examples. The Investigators Badges in Qeynos, as mentioned last issue, are another interesting one. And Zsa just dug up a new one. Pretty obscure, quite difficult once you get into it at all, and freaky faction, but here's the deal...

    The crux of it is that the Sarnaks in Chardok are fed up with the goblins. In fact, getting the first ring simply requires having high warm faction with the Chardok Sarnaks, and being at least level 50. This gets you this ring:

    AC2 CHA1 INT1 WIS1 HP65 MANA45

    Not horrible, but it gets better. As you'd figure, it also gets harder. With this out of the way, the plot thickens. There is a lot of legwork involving spies, espionage, and of course killing. The end result is fighting a rather nasty new dude in Droga. A level 56 Shadow Knight named Warlord Skargus. Take him down, and his head combined with your first ring can get you this:

    AC5 STA5 CHA2 INT2 WIS2 HP85 MANA50 5 Charges of Aegis of Bathezid (25dmg shield)

    Now we're talking! That's a ring that I'd wear... But it doesn't end there. Okay, for practical purposes it does, but read on. There is a third quest that has been discovered, and seems well understood, but that hasn't necessarily been completed. The Queen in Chardok (who I understand is a good buddy of some of you) will reward you with a third ring if you bring her a couple of trinkets and your second ring. One is a common drop off Trakanon. Ouch. Another is a drop of unknown rarity from Drusella Sathir in Howling Stones. Ouch again. But given the quality of the second ring, you gotta figure the third is quite likeable. Furthermore, you can wear the first and second rings simultaneously, so someone who got the hang of this quest could probably end up with a very nice pair of rings. There is another complication with this quest, in that you somehow need to get to the Queen, which would either involve being a rogue that was liked by the Sarnaks or tagging along with a bunch of folks who probably intend to kill the Queen. Hmm...

    All in all, a mediocre ring for building faction. A very good ring for doing a bunch of legwork and arranging one nasty group battle in Droga. The third? That's quite another story... The details of the first two quests can be found here. Lemme know if anyone does (or has done) these!

    Think Bold Be Bold!

    Here it is! The first Overheard in the Market contest! Given that we have been busy levelling, questing, and generally owning, we haven't had a fun event in a while. Here's a chance to have a little fun on your own time, so here's the deal. We'll be having a photo contest. But not just any photos...

    Create yourself a level 1 character. If you have one, that's fine. If you care so much about winning the Overheard in the Market photo contest that you want to cheat and use someone over level one, then I hope you are getting help with your issues. The goal is to take your level 1 where no level 1 has gone before, or at least not where no level 1 should have gone before, and snap a screenshot. Entries will be judged based on originality, degree of difficulty, and overall fun quotient. If you have a pic you want to enter, mail it to me here. Deadline for entries will be 12/15. I'll try to put all entries up somewhere we can judge them. Prizes? Eh. Do it for the love of the game! Do it for pride and bragging rights! If the guild offers up a prize, so be it. Otherwise, I think I have a Gnomish Glow Rod in the bank I can hand over. Woot! Good luck, and may the best n00b win.

    Here's Something That Won't Interest You!

    Yet, I need to get this newsletter out there and I'm running out of material since you gimps never send me any dirt . Though most of you probably couldn't care in the slightest, one thing of interest to me that has happened since the last newsletter is I went through enough levels to get in the same general ballpark as the guild on the whole. This has allowed me to start adventuring with the guild, including Malikor's Fear Raid, and Margrave's Epic Faydedar Raid. This has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to being more involved so I can meet more of you in depth, and get some decent pics for the newsletter. I'm by no means ToV ready, but I'm getting there, and wanted to thank everyone for being supportive and friendly while I was floundering around in Freeport and slowly catching up.

    While I'm putting in random filler, let me take this opportunity to thank Saela for the cool work she's been doing on her page. Very fun stuff. I'd also like to taunt and badger you all to contribute to her collection of real-life pics. I think it is a great way to get to know each other a bit, and a good reminder that there are real people behind the toons when tempers start to flare.

    Finally, I'll take this opportunity to wish a hearty welcome to the folks that joined us from Divinus Veritas. Roughly 20 folks from Divinus Veritas joined our family and have quickly become regulars in guild chat. And I just love having a good excuse to yell, "Hey, Punk!" in guild chat...









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