Results of the 1999 Supplementary Draft

1 Alotta Chris Carpenter Blue Jays sp Add a comment
2 Roll Out Juan Encarnacion Tigers of Add a comment
3 Chimichangas Jose Offerman Red Sox 2b Add a comment
4 PadraMarlins Bruce Chen Braves sp Add a comment
5 PadraMarlins Jamie Moyer Mariners sp Add a comment
6 Alotta Troy Glaus Angels 3b Add a comment
7 Ox Edgar Martinez Mariners dh Left him voice mail... 11:00 PST
8 Funky Aj Hinch Athletics c Testing - think I fixed Wass's bug
9 Conrad Bain Carlos Febles Royals 2b Luks has contingent pick.
10 Nomads Mitch Meluskey Astros c je suis là
11 Benosticators Miguel Cairo Devil Rays 2b this is pretty cool...
12 PadraMarlins Mike Hampton Astros sp Luks has contingent pick.
13 Okindakara! Fernando Vina Brewers 2b meeting 3 - 4pm
14 Mr. Pinky Bob Howry Free Agent rp Add a comment
15 You Know The Drill Chili Davis Yankees dh Coulda sworn I explained contingent picks. Grr...
16 Santa Claws Jay Buhner Mariners of Add a comment
17 Brewers Garret Anderson Angels of Add a comment
18 Chimichangas Orlando Cabrera Expos ss Luks has pick
19 PadraMarlins Kelvim Escobar Blue Jays rp Luks has pick
20 Alotta Rich Ankiel Cardinals sp prediction: LaRussa shreds his arm by August
21 Fiddlin' Ruben Rivera Padres of Luks has pick
22 Ox Carl Everett Astros of Add a comment
23 Mr. Pinky Kenny Rogers Athletics sp Add a comment
24 Conrad Bain Mike Cameron Reds of Luks has it and I'll check by 9pm PST
25 You Know The Drill Roy Halladay Blue Jays sp Add a comment
26 Benosticators Charles Johnson Orioles c
27 Alotta Carlos Beltran Royals of Picks with Wass&Luks (please email us)
28 Okindakara! Sterling Hitchcock Padres sp Picks with Wass&Luks (please email us)
29 Mr. Pinky Jeremy Giambi Royals of Add a comment
30 You Know The Drill Scott Erickson Orioles sp Add a comment
31 Santa Claws Eddie Taubensee Reds c Add a comment
32 Conrad Bain Gabe Kapler Tigers of i am ready
33 Chimichangas Henry Rodriguez Cubs of picks with Luks
34 PadraMarlins Mark Kotsay Marlins of Add a comment
35 Alotta Michael Barrett Expos c I'm ready
36 Fiddlin' Steve Sparks Angels sp Please mail when this pick is due.
37 PadraMarlins Robert Person Blue Jays rp Add a comment
38 Funky Todd Zeile Rangers 3b Add a comment
39 Brewers Brian S Giles Pirates of Luks has pick
40 Alotta Ruben Mateo Rangers of Add a comment
41 Benosticators Tom Goodwin Rangers of Just got back
42 Roll Out Marquis Grissom Brewers of thinking...
43 Okindakara! Matt Lawton Twins of pick with dluks
44 Roll Out Ricky Bottalico Cardinals rp Hmm...Bottalico or Acevedo?
45 You Know The Drill Juan Acevedo Cardinals rp Hey! I thought you knew the drill!
46 Santa Claws Tim Wakefield Red Sox sp Good Night.
47 Brewers Pat Burrell Phillies 1b Luks has pick.
48 Chimichangas Rickey Henderson Mets of Luks has pick.
49 PadraMarlins Tony Gwynn Padres of Add a comment
50 Alotta Ben "Stupid" Petrick Rockies c Luks has it
51 Fiddlin' Freddy Garcia Mariners sp with
52 Ox Brian Moehler Tigers sp Add a comment
53 Funky Mike Lieberthal Phillies c I have Luks' pick
54 Conrad Bain Marlon Anderson Phillies 2b la la la la lightbulb
55 Nomads Juan Guzman Orioles sp good morning.
56 Benosticators Bobby Bonilla Mets 3b Luks has it.
57 Alotta Matt Clement Padres rp wake me up for round 9
58 Okindakara! Dan Wilson Mariners c i know the drill!
59 Mr. Pinky Magglio Ordonez White Sox of Add a comment
60 Nomads Chris Hoiles Orioles c all picks with luks today
61 Brewers Brian Anderson Diamondbacks sp
62 Brewers Dave Nilsson Brewers c
63 Chimichangas Livan Hernandez Marlins sp will pick in 5 min
64 PadraMarlins Bill Taylor Athletics rp Add a comment
65 Nomads Wilson Alvarez Devil Rays sp Luks has pick.
66 Fiddlin' Homer Bush Blue Jays 2b with
67 Ox Joey Hamilton Blue Jays sp Add a comment
68 Funky Dave Burba Indians sp Add a comment
69 Conrad Bain Todd Greene Angels of mr. drummond is thinking now...
70 Nomads Jose Jimenez Cardinals sp Luks has pick.
71 Benosticators Russ Ortiz Giants sp Of course I am
72 Okindakara! Sean Casey Reds 1b thanks. bagwell was already taken.
73 Okindakara! Mark Clark Rangers sp damn! casey is a good pick
74 Funky Jose Guillen Pirates of I'm also liking Casey at 72. Kudos...
75 Brewers Jim Leyritz Padres dh Nice pickup @ 72, Justin
76 Santa Claws Brad Ausmus Tigers c Add a comment
77 Brewers Mickey Morandini Cubs 2b
78 Chimichangas David Segui Mariners 1b
79 PadraMarlins Pat Hentgen Blue Jays sp Add a comment
80 Roll Out Derrek Lee Marlins 1b just got the message...give me 5 minutes
81 Fiddlin' Alex Gonzalez Marlins ss Hello? Wass? Call me when you're done.
82 Ox Carlos Guillen Mariners 2b I need more Mariners...
83 Funky John Franco Mets rp Add a comment
84 Conrad Bain Dmitri Young Reds of Luks has pick (but this and next two are left with pawson)
85 Nomads Sidney Ponson Orioles sp Didn't know I had the picks - had to go find them :-) Dave
86 Benosticators Kevin Tapani Cubs sp Luks has pick.
87 Brewers Jarrod Washburn Angels sp
88 Okindakara! Darryl Hamilton Rockies of very hungover -- please keep it down
89 Funky Jose Hernandez Cubs 3b Fachotta sez -- nice pick, Funky
90 Brewers Eric Milton Twins sp Gone at 3:50pm EST
91 Santa Claws Ed Sprague Jr Pirates 3b ho,ho,ho
92 Brewers Bernard Gilkey Diamondbacks of
93 Chimichangas Charlie Hayes Giants 3b
94 Roll Out Jon Lieber Cubs sp
95 Roll Out Chris Widger Expos c wass has pick
96 Fiddlin' Shane Andrews Expos 3b Add a comment
97 Ox Bobby Jones Mets sp Back from lunch...urp!
98 Funky Rob Fick Tigers c ^^^could be worse, Jose Mesa's still out there
99 Conrad Bain Wilton Guerrero Expos 2b he and his brother will combine to go .300, 41 HR, 140 RBI
100 Nomads Paul LoDuca Dodgers c ^^^^^^^^ Wow! His brother must be having a good year :-)
101 Benosticators Ron Gant Phillies of Add a comment
102 Funky Brian Mcrae Mets of Add a comment
103 Okindakara! Butch Henry Mariners sp i also need more mariners
104 Mr. Pinky Paul Byrd Phillies sp Add a comment
105 You Know The Drill Ricky Gutierrez Astros ss I'm walking to the East coast to tell him it is his pick - oughta speed things up...
106 Santa Claws Rey Ordonez Mets ss Add a comment
107 Conrad Bain Matt Mantei Marlins rp man I hate the mariners
108 Chimichangas Darryl Kile Rockies sp thinkin
109 Roll Out Mike Sirotka White Sox sp 8:40pm EST -- just logged in
110 Santa Claws Esteban Loaiza Rangers sp Hustle!
111 Fiddlin' Ken Hill Angels sp back in action!
112 Ox Trot Nixon Red Sox of Take it out to the hills and let the coyotes eat it.
113 Funky Bobby Smith Devil Rays 3b And I'm done. Pleasure doing business with you all...
114 Roll Out Mike Timlin Orioles rp traded to ALOT with #147 for #121 and #125
115 Nomads Aaron Ledesma Devil Rays ss see ya friday morning
116 Benosticators Otis Nixon Braves of vvv he's old and will only play about 100 games
117 PadraMarlins Eric Davis Cardinals of how did he drop this far?! -- I have no idea
118 Roll Out Carlos Lee White Sox 3b Nice pick, professor...
119 Mr. Pinky David Ortiz Twins 1b Good Morning, rotodraft.
120 You Know The Drill Jeff King Royals 1b Add a comment
121 Alotta Todd Dunwoody Marlins of traded to ROLL
122 Santa Claws Karim Garcia Tigers of Add a comment
123 Chimichangas Kelly Stinnett Diamondbacks c workin on it
124 Ox Jeff Weaver Detroit sp The Ox was distracted; pretty easy with Oxen, you know.
125 Alotta Enrique Wilson Indians 2b traded to ROLL
126 Fiddlin' Jim Abbott Brewers sp Add a comment
127 Ox Darrin Fletcher Blue Jays c vvv he wuz under rp
128 Mr. Pinky Chad Ogea Phillies sp He is still available, right? Wasn't on the draft page for some reason.
129 Conrad Bain Angel Pena Dodgers c pawson has pick
130 Nomads Ron Belliard Free Agent 2b sure you wouldn't like Rafael instead?
131 Benosticators George Arias Padres 3b ^^^ he is a good clubhouse leader. . .
132 Fiddlin' Tim Belcher Angels sp hey, stop diddlin'
133 Okindakara! Mark Wohlers Braves rp pick with pawson and dluks
134 Mr. Pinky Calvin Pickering Orioles 1b Mr. Pickering's Plan?
135 You Know The Drill Richie Sexson Indians 1b Add a comment
136 Santa Claws Dennis Reyes Reds sp Please do not give your donuts to Dennis
137 You Know The Drill Shane Spencer Yankees of Add a comment
138 Chimichangas Terrell Wade Devil Rays sp can someone pick either terrell wade (SP) or gregg olson (RP) for me, based on whoever Drill does not pick? thx!
139 You Know The Drill George Lombard Braves of Lombard is gonna be the next Griffey Jr.
140 Santa Claws Jose Vizcaino Dodgers ss Thank you and Goodbye
141 Fiddlin' Jeff Abbott White Sox of Add a comment
142 Ox Glendon Rusch Royals sp Gimme either Rusch (sp) or Parque (sp) after Fiddlin' finally checks in.
143 Mr. Pinky Jose Mesa Mariners rp Joe Table in the Mariner's bully? Explosive.
144 Conrad Bain Mike Lowell Marlins 3b good ole one ball
145 Nomads Butch Huskey Mariners of The Curse of the Mariners' LF
146 Benosticators Pat Meares Pirates ss Add a comment
147 Roll Out Odalis Perez Braves rp we'll see how long he lasts as the 5th starter; I suspect he'll be back in the pen by May
148 Okindakara! Marvin Benard Giants of thanks, alot. i wanted to have a braves' SP
149 Mr. Pinky Mark Gardner Giants sp Not if we keep stalling for a day at a time. Grr...
150 You Know The Drill Jeff Frye Red Sox 2b I said, not if we keep stalling... Ahem...